Equine Therapy for Addiction Treatment

The use of animals in behavioral therapy is not a new idea; it has been used for hundreds of years, and in a hundred different capacities. In the past, equine therapy (the use of horses in psychological or physical medicine) has been used to treat everything from tuberculosis to schizophrenia.

Equine Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Equine Therapy in Addiction Treatment

The main reason that equine therapy is so effective and beneficial is because it requires care, attention and responsibility. In equine therapy, the health and well being of the horse is placed directly into the hands of the individual in treatment. The horse becomes this person’s responsibility. This may not sound like much, but for a recovering addict, this small bit of responsibility is taken very seriously. For the first time, an addict recognizes the responsibilities in front of him/her, and understands the correlation between obligation and sobriety.

As the individual receiving the therapy begins to form a bond with the animal, the obligation begins to turn into a deep concern and caring for the horse. Much like a mother to a child, the individual is propelled further by the bond between themselves and the animal, and the responsibility of caring for another – and the love for another – becomes greater than the urge to use drugs or alcohol.

The Above It All Equine Therapy Program

Above It All Treatment provides equine therapy in combination with our other treatment programs and therapies. Using this technique, coupled with our 12 step drug and alcohol treatment programs, ensures   our residents have every opportunity possible to achieve a total and successful recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Our Equine Treatment Program is performed under the strict supervision of our staff and two highly-trained Eagala Certified Professionals for both the safety of our guests, staff and the equines.

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