Inpatient Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Our Inpatient Care for drug and alcohol treatment couples all of Above It All Treatment’s philosophies, goals and techniques for drug and alcohol treatment and counseling, and provides these in the safety and seclusion of our residential rehab facility in Lake Arrowhead, California. Our patients’ success and safety is of the utmost importance to us; treating our patients in our own facility and under our supervision and guidance ensures that those recovering are out of harm’s way and can recover naturally.


Short Term:

Our 30-day short term rehab program incorporates all of the techniques that Above It All uses in our counseling, therapy, extended term rehab programs, and sober living programs, but in the convenient time span of 30 days. Read More>>


Long Term:

Our 90-day extended term drug and alcohol rehab program is designed for our guests who may need more time than our 30 day and 60 day programs offer. Our extended programs are especially helpful for those who have spent many years abusing drugs or alcohol, and for those addicted to powerful opiates or heroin. Read More>>

A Holistic 12 Step Treatment Program

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