Sober Living in California – Our Aftercare Program

Sober Living in California - Our Aftercare Program

Sobriety is a lifelong goal. It takes time, patience, and dedication to carry on the success of drug and alcohol rehab and treatment into your personal life and situations. We can help make the adjustment back to a fulfilling and sober lifestyle easier with our aftercare programs.


Sober Living at Above It All Treatment:

Above It All Treatment offers its facility, grounds, and staff to individuals who are dedicated to keeping their newly-found sobriety. Sober living is available to qualified individuals that are looking for a safe haven where they can adjust to life after addiction. We provide shelter and further support to ensure that any and all of our guests have all of the opportunities they need to stay clean and return to a normal life.


Above It All Treatment Sober Living House 

Above It All Treatment Sober Living House

Located in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Cost: $275.00 per week – Includes all utilities and a driver + fuel cost to get you to and from your continued meetings.

Rent is Paid in-advance – $1000.00 per month + Deposit.


Be it one month or a year, there is no time limit to how long you can stay in the sober living facility. As long as all rules and regulations set by the program and Above It All are adhered-to, you can take as much time as you need to adjust.

Sober Living Guests typically stay for 2-3 months.

Help is waiting, Call 24/7