Drug and Alcohol Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders

What is a dual diagnosis and what is dual diagnosis treatment? A dual diagnosis is a diagnosis of more than one disease, ailment, or disorder that occurs in an individual at the same time. In the drug rehab and addiction treatment world, a dual diagnosis refers to an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol while another disorder (usually a mental disorder) is occurring. Most often the mental disorder that occurs is depression, anxiety, or even post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

New Beginning at Above It All

In individuals with a dual diagnosis, both the addiction and the underlying mental disorder work together to create a much stronger addiction. In a never-ending cycle, an addict continues to drink or use drugs because they are depressed, and they are depressed because of the drugs or alcohol. Take one of the ailments away, and the other ailment gets stronger. Above It All’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program is built specifically for these types of addicts that have one or more co-occurring disorders. We treat both the addiction itself, and treat the depression or other disorders at the exact same time. Instead of an addict self-medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol to control their mental state, we can relieve the mental disorders occurring, so that drugs and alcohol or not needed to feel “normal,” and treat the addiction itself, instilling lifestyle choices and healthy living ideas to addicts.

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